Guide to Outland Healing Gear 58-63

Here are links to the five parts of this guide. I have attempted to provide as complete a list as possible of the healing gear found in the first five levels of Outland. I have also included some cloth items as well, although the emphasis is on leather.

Part 1: Notable Leatherworking Gear and Quest Rewards for Head

Part 2: Quest Rewards for Neck, Shoulders, Back and Chest

Part 3: Quest Rewards for Wrists, Hands, Waist, and Legs

Part 4: Quest Rewards for Feet, Fingers, and Trinkets

Part 5: Quest Rewards for Weapons, Instance Boss Drops, and Auction House


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  1. […] Gear Before 64 Gillr of Stormrage’s Dreaming posted a great gear list for those looking for +healing gear before 64. I’m linking you to it cause I was always looking for this kind of info when I was leveling […]

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