Posts will be few and far between these coming weeks, what with the end of the semester and a ton of grading I’ll be doing. In fact, the blog will slow down in general since I have real-life obligations I need to tend to. Playing will continue as usual, but I simply don’t have the time and energy to put into the blog (time and energy that I need for more important work). I imagine I’ll post updates and screenshots and such, but that will be about it (although I do have an idea for a post that I hope to get to over Christmas break).

As far as the game is going, Gillir got Leatherworking to 360: which means he’s only five points away from crafting his Hood of Primal Life. It’s going to be a tough five points though since the patterns at this point require a lot of mats. From 365 on it shouldn’t be a problem since I’ll be able to make drums, but until 365, a lot of clefthoofs are going down.

The alts continue to move on up. Tsoai is now in Theramore so he’ll be checking out the new quests in that area.

As for Karazhan, we finally got back into rhythm this past week after an extended break. We got the Oz event for the first time and one-shotted it; especially noteworthy seeing as we went into it with minimal knowledge. Curator is a piece of cake now; our feral druid now has his T4 gloves. We didn’t get to Shade of Aran last night, but hopefully we will soon.


Enhancement and Heroics

So I took the opportunity of a free respec for Tsoai and went enhancement with him. The most frustrating thing about it is having to level up a two-handed weapon. I found a decent mace on the AH and had to start from scratch on it. Then I had to swing and miss a hundred times, swing and miss, swing and miss. Luckily I remembered to start off with low level mobs first, then when the weapon skill leveling slowed down, went on to my level range.

Swing, miss.

Swing, miss.

Swing, hit. Woohoo! I’m actually killing a mob with my mace!

I gave enhancement a go for about half a level at one point, but went back to elemental. I plan on sticking with it this time because it is supposed to be the quickest way to level (at the least, you don’t have to stop and drink constantly). Besides, melee will be a change of pace from my usual play style, so it should be fun.

Gillir ran his first heroic last night. Blood Furnace. Not so good, but seeing that it was my first time it could have been worse. I’ll spare you the gory details.

Illhoof Down

Just a quickie here: On our second guild try, my first, we downed Illhoof Monday night and with 8 players at the end. I was sacrificed when Illhoof was around 25%, then our shammy got hit with the next sacrifice. Got Cord of Nature’s Sustenance. The tough part for healing this fight is keeping the sacrifice victim alive: and I don’t have a good strategy for that. Probably takes more practice and alertness. I wasn’t the designated sacrifice healer (and be sure to have one) but I would throw an instant HOT to help out, but usually in vain since the person was dead before I could even get an instant on him. Luckily, we had three druids and so our combat rezzes were very helpful in this fight.

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Curator is Down


It’s funny how something that had been so frustrating and seemingly difficult suddenly becomes easy as pie. We went in against the Curator last night and brought him down without any deaths. The key seems to be your raid’s formation: keep casters and healers spread out in a semicircle at the end of the hall. You need about 10 yards between each other to avoid transferring the flares’ arc damage. Also, this helps melee chase down the flares easier since they’re in a more centralized space. Take down the 10th flare before turning to the Curator in his evocation phases: as tempting as it may be to jump on him, that 10th flare must be out of the picture. It’s not a hard fight once you figure it out. And (drumroll please) Gillir got his Tier 4 gloves, very lucky indeed: Handguards of Malorne. And another bonus, Gift of the Wild III dropped from a trash mob.

Going to the Dark Side

No, I’m not leaving my main behind, but I am bringing up an alt who is a shadow priest. I’ve been playing Tsyra regularly the last few days and am enjoying her face-melting abilities. I leveled Gillir as resto (except for about ten levels between the 20s and 30s), so I haven’t been able to enjoy fully being a damage-dealer. Having an alt who is all damage makes for a refreshing change. Grinding is a snap. And so leveling should go quickly (and with the 2.3 changes, it’ll go even faster).

In other news, I healed for a guild run at Attumen the other night. He went down without a hitch, but this run was notable in that we had no crowd control and we ran it without some of the “usual suspects” of our guild, the veterans. In all my previous runs, we had three main healers since I was new to healing 10-mans, but this time we had two main healers (and our enhancement elemental/resto shaman as backup when necessary). I carried a a little over 40% of the healing, not counting the Lifeblooms that the targets are credited with. All in all, learning a lot and learning it fast (in fact, I’ve spent most of my post-70 healing in Kara).

One question I have now is how does Kara compare to heroics? I’m still working on my rep, so I’m not keyed anywhere yet, but when I finally get into heroics, will they be easier than Kara, harder, or about the same?

Kara Continues

Went back into Kara for my second time and we downed the Maiden. The key to that fight, as Karthis comments on my previous post, is that you have to limit the melee fighters or rotate them out, because the Maiden puts a beating on those guys. Last night, we had all ranged DPS except for the tank. Plus, as a healer you have to keep all your attention on the tank so that when her Repentance hits, the tank has enough health to live through it. As a resto druid, your HOTs will be especially useful here, so be sure the tank is loaded with them. Having a boss mod like CTRaidAssist or BigWigs, can help you know when she’s ready to cast Repentance, although it can’t tell you exactly when she will cast it. And boy, that 12 seconds of Repentance is a looooong 12 seconds, especially when you see the tank’s health dropping and all you can do is wait and hope the tank survives.

We then went on to the Opera and got Romulo and Julianne, which was a piece of cake (although this event seems to be the one the guild always gets). You can read the WoWWiki link above for strategy, but it’s not a hard fight. Keep the tanks up while they keep the two lovers apart and all will be well.

We called it a night after the Opera. Up next: The Curator.

P.S. I have some screenshots I’ll post later.
Screenshots after the jump…

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Into Kara

Went into Kara for the first time last night. Got to the Maiden, but had some bad luck on her. We might have had too many melee classes, where for her it seems you need ranged DPS. I had some beginner’s luck with Moroes, though: Signet of Unshakable Faith.

On another topic, I think I’ve finally settled on what alt I will bring up next: a shadow priest, Tsyra. I want to play a DPS caster and I like the abilities of the shadow priest. I’ve tried a warlock and mage, but they just don’t click for me; so shadow priest it is, at least for now.