Kara, Kara, Why Ya Buggin?

After a very frustrating couple of days in Kara (more on that in a bit), we finally got ourselves back in gear last night: one-shotting Aran and downing the Prince. And finally, after about 6 months of my guild being in Kara, we saw a healing weapon drop for the first time: Light’s Justice. I was able to roll on it along with our priest. He won. Too bad for me, but a boon for our raiding group, which is what matters anyway. (And for the best, too, since I’m hoping to get the Nightstaff with its +55 Spirit.) I didn’t go home empty-handed, though: Prince also dropped Jade Ring of the Everliving and Chess dropped Forestlord Striders. I’m figuring that once I get either a mace or staff from Kara, along with the +81 healing enchant, and Essence of the Martyr I’ll be able to break 1700 healing, so here’s hoping for a lucky drop soon.

Like I said, we had a very positive night compared to the runs that had come before. Thursday night we one-shotted Illhoof, went to Aran and wiped and wiped and wiped and wiped and wiped and had to throw in the towel because it was too late. Very disheartening. We hit Attumen and Maiden Friday night with ease, a little morale booster there. Went back in on Saturday to Aran: again, wiping on the elementals. We would have kept going, but people started dropping and we discovered that there were server problems. Strange thing about that was some of us (myself included) weren’t dropped. So that ended that run. Last night, then, was a much welcome change of fortune for us.

How was your weekend?


Alive and Treeing

Long time, no see. Yes, the blog has fallen into disuse as of late. A lot of work with the semester starting up and not much exciting happening in the game for the last couple of weeks of Christmas break. Soon after I posted my resolutions list, I actually achieved a couple of them. Got the shoulder enchant from Aldor. Hit revered with HH this past weekend for the head enchant. We did a guild run of regular SH with one of our warriors warrior who is not prot-specced (he had been for a long time so he knew how to tank, though). I mean, it’s doable, and we did it. And it’s a good lesson in aggro management, but it makes for a long run (especially with no OOC rez). Still, it got me to revered, so all is well that ends well.

As for the raid goals I listed: Guild took a shot at Nalorakk in ZA (still some learning to do there). Not much guild enthusiasm for downing Netherspite; we’ll get him eventually, but it’s not a top priority for us. Had an awesome night where we one-shotted Shade, as well as the other bosses for the night. That was our first one-shot of Aran, too. Prince is still troublesome, but always due to unlucky infernal drops. As long as get good positioning, we can down him, which is what that fight boils down to anyway.

Nightbane is a piece of cake now. Here’s our strategy: We have our caster/ranged group on the side near the door and we send one healer (priest or pally) to the other side to focus on the melee group. This positioning helps tremendously when melee gets feared away from the main ranged group. I stay in the ranged group to throw HOTs on the raid when hit by charred earth. It has worked every time so far (except once when the tank got feared and Nightbane turned toward and hit us with Smoldering Breath).

For fun here’s our WWS report from last night’s Kara run (anonymous, I’m “Mist”). We did some switching in and out of alts so that’s why there are more than ten in the overall chart.

As for other goings on, I’m 3 badges away from the Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons which I am very much looking forward to getting. Between the stats and the look, I will be very happy to have it.

So, the big goal now it to save up and get epic flight form. The only rep I’m interested in increasing is with Aldor for the next level of shoulder inscription. I don’t care anything about any of the faction mounts. Thus leaving epic flight as the most attractive goal to accomplish.

Those Antlers are Quite Droody


There it is, my T4 helm: Crown of Malorne.

We got our second win over Prince last night, took three tries. First time we had good infernal drops but lost the tank in the second phase. Second time was bad luck with the infernals. Third time worked like a charm: good infernal positions, we healed tank through the second phase, I was able to battle rez the one melee that we lost so at the end every one of us was standing.

No meta gem yet for the helm: I blew my gold this past week leveling my Leatherworking to 375 so that I can make Windhawk Hauberk, but once I’ve run a few dailies I can see about getting that meta slot filled. Bracing Earthstorm appears to be the obvious choice.

In this picture, too, you can see the Forest Wind Shoulderpads that dropped from The Curator this past week.

Also, I’ve started compiling WWS reports for our guild. That is such an awesome resource to see exactly what you are doing in a fight. The damage meters are nice, but WWS reports let you isolate and focus on specific fights. And it’s not that hard to do (check out BRK’s post on how to WWS).

Of Ogres and Shadow

King of Ogres

I hope everyone had a nice and happy Christmas yesterday. My four-year old made quite the haul between Santa and family. As for WoW, as you can see above, I finally completed the Ogri-la opening quests. My priest hit 40 and on top of getting her mount (woohoo, no more running!) she got Shadowform, which also makes for quicker questing. And on that point, let me say that Dustwallow Marsh is definitely the place to go when you get to around 40: Blizzard has applied the quest design of Burning Crusade to this area with quests grouped close together, many of which you can do simultaneously. I was able to do almost a complete level (from 11% to ding) with only about 30% rested XP within two hours last night.

Here are some pictures:





And there goes the Prince


So we gave him a whirl on Saturday night, but kept getting crushed trying to find these “safe spots” that the WoWWikki entry claims are there. They must not be there anymore. (According to Galadria in comments, the safe spots are still there.) Last night, we met him head on and got him on the second attempt. Honestly, it’s not that hard of a fight as long as the infernals don’t get you (and that’s also a matter of luck). Healing through the second phase can be a toughie, too. Our hunter got his T4 helm (grats Clos). So thus ends a very productive week for The Olde Guard, with two guild firsts: Aran and Prince.

We tried Netherspite, had our rotations planned out, but execution was tough, and it was late so we called it after a couple attempts. Some of us will be getting the Nightbane quest done tonight, so two more to go for Kara.


In other news, my priest hit 34 which means she can now do this:

So sing along…”Elevator lady, elevator lady, elevator lady, elevator lady / Levitate me” (The Pixies in case you’re wondering.)

Don’t know how particularly useful it will be, but it’s certainly cool to float across water.

OG Downs Aran


As the screenshot above shows, we downed Aran for the first time last night. By the end, we had only about half the raid left with me the only one healing (and then I died from one of Aran’s last shots). Yes, it was a messy victory, but a victory nonetheless. We ran through Curator, Aran, Chess, Illhoof, and Maiden. 10 badges in one night: not bad.


Durid r 4 HOT?

Hood of Primal Life

About time for another post, but it’ll be a short one. Life’s hectic these days.

I got my leathercrafting up to 365 which means I was able to craft this: Hood of Primal Life.


So that AH cloth green I’ve been lugging around is no more. While the healing was only about 5 points more, the previous piece had no stam on it and no damage bonus, so the Hood makes for a significant upgrade for both healing and grinding. I was able to get the +35 healing to my T4 gloves, too. Now the only green left are my boots (not counting the Oshu’gun Relic which I imagine is a keeper for quite a while).  Keeping fingers crossed for Forestlord Striders.