I’ve decided to change the blog’s title, and so along with that, I am also changing the URL.

The new title is


And the new address is

I have two major reasons for the change. One is that wanted a title that reflects my primary interests in WoW at this time: Playing a Tree of Life and playing a Shadow Priest. The second reason is purely aesthetic: Lifeshadow is more concise and it communicates a more concrete idea; my former title was an allusion to lore that didn’t really communicate anything definite about the nature of the blog.

So, if you could be so kind as to make the appropriate changes and visit me at my new home, I will sincerely appreciate it.


Holy Blog Stats, Batman!

So it looks like this humble, little blog has received the WOW Insider effect: 1,574 visits today so far. Well, I hope you enjoy Smoosh’s comic, and maybe you can find something else useful or informative in my own posts. At least I’ve done my part in preserving this piece of resto druid history. 😉

Thanks for coming by and thanks to WOW Insider for the link.

“Growing Blog”

I just noticed that this blog appears on’s “Growing Blogs” list. Nothing spectacular, but still cool. The reason for it is the L2P Treeform post which has been getting a lot of traffic (although I wish I were getting more traffic for something I actually created myself, but oh well, traffic is traffic).  Anyway, for any newcomers, I hope you find something useful.

Blogroll Cleanup

I did some cleaning up of my blogroll and as you can see on the right, a nice crop of druid blogs has come up in the past few months. Thanks to Phaelia whose been keeping up on these druid bloggers. I remember when I began this blog, there were only two druid blogs (that I knew of): Frostbolt and Adventures in Azeroth. Now we have druid blogs of all shapes, from feathers to claws to leaves. Nice to see this community growing as well as it is; and doubly nice to see the engaging level of wit, intelligence, and enthusiasm on these blogs, too. So, here’s a shout-out to all those druid bloggers: Cenarius and Malfurion would be proud.

Our New Home

So the Gillir family is settling in to our new abode. We’ve done some repainting, some cleaning, and it looks like we’re ready for visitors.