Nightbane R.I.P.


Well, that was a tough one. We went in on Friday night and made five unsuccessful attempts. Last night, we did it in three or four (not sure, they start blurring together).

Handling the transitions from flight to ground phases is really key to this fight: you’ve got to stop healing at least 10 seconds before he lands so that the tank can get aggro. We also had our paladin healer stand on the other side of Nightbane which helped too; he was able to focus completely on the melee and tank, and if they got feared that way, he was able to heal them.

In addition, we have cleared all of Kara except for Netherspite, so a nice way to end the year for The Olde Guard.

And in other good news, with the much-needed help of my guildies on the primals, I finally made this:

Windhawk Hauberk.

Have a Happy New Year!


Those Antlers are Quite Droody


There it is, my T4 helm: Crown of Malorne.

We got our second win over Prince last night, took three tries. First time we had good infernal drops but lost the tank in the second phase. Second time was bad luck with the infernals. Third time worked like a charm: good infernal positions, we healed tank through the second phase, I was able to battle rez the one melee that we lost so at the end every one of us was standing.

No meta gem yet for the helm: I blew my gold this past week leveling my Leatherworking to 375 so that I can make Windhawk Hauberk, but once I’ve run a few dailies I can see about getting that meta slot filled. Bracing Earthstorm appears to be the obvious choice.

In this picture, too, you can see the Forest Wind Shoulderpads that dropped from The Curator this past week.

Also, I’ve started compiling WWS reports for our guild. That is such an awesome resource to see exactly what you are doing in a fight. The damage meters are nice, but WWS reports let you isolate and focus on specific fights. And it’s not that hard to do (check out BRK’s post on how to WWS).

Wild Leather Quests Guide

Wild Leather Quests Guide

I’m currently working on the last quest in this chain and after having done a lot of combing through the usual sites (Allakhazam, Thottbot, WoWhead, WoWWiki) I have found it a difficult to get a clear, step-by-step guide of what these quests entail. So here’s my attempt to lay it all out as accurately and clearly as I can. Also, I’m writing this from the Alliance side; the same requirements still apply to Horde, but the NPC will be Jangdor Swiftstrider. And if there are any errors or omissions, please let me know and I’ll make the corrections.

Go to Pratt McGrubben (30,42) at Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas. He’s just a few steps from the flightpoint, in a shelter to the left of the inn. You’ll need to be at 200 LW to be able to craft the needed items (although I guess you could buy them or get them from a friend, but that would be no fun).


Here are the quests you will have to complete:
Step 1:
Wild Leather Armor
Wild Leather Shoulders

Step 2:
Wild Leather Helmet
Wild Leather Vest

Step 3:
Wild Leather Boots
Wild Leather Leggings



Here are the patterns you’ll need to complete the quests:

Wild Leather Armor: N/A, just need 10xThick Leather

Wild Leather Shoulders:
Thick Armor Kit (x6)

Wild Leather Helmet:
Nightscape Tunic
Nightscape Headband (x2)

Wild Leather Vest:
Turtle Scale Breastplate(x2)
Turtle Scale Gloves(x2)

Wild Leather Boots:
Nightscape Pants(x2)
Nightscape Boots(x2)

Wild Leather Leggings:
Turtle Scale Helm
Turtle Scale Bracers(x2)

All of these patterns are available from the trainer except Turtle Scale Gloves (more on that below).



So, those are the recipes, what about the mats? Here you go (you might want to be sitting down for this):
192 x Thick Leather
112 x Turtle Scale
Silken Thread
Heavy Silken Thread

Plus, you’ll need Wildvine x 7


Potential bottlenecks:

There are 3 points of these quests that will definitely try your patience:
a) Obtaining the Turtle Scale Gloves pattern. Supposedly ol’ Pratt has it but I checked multiple times, saw it cycle through the other patterns he carried, but never this one (someone else may have gotten it before me, too). I got lucky and found it on the AH. The upshot here is to be prepared for some delay in getting this pattern.

b) Grinding for Turtle Scales. Once I saw 4 on the AH (didn’t buy them), I got 4 from a guildie, and the rest have been from turtles. The best place to grind for them (if you’re around lvl. 41) is on the coast of Tanaris: Steeljaw Snapper. Another area would be north of Theramore, although they don’t drop as frequently. With 112 of these you need, be ready for some serious grinding.

c) And the other major obstacle is the Wildvine. I’ve gotten mine from the AH, a little expensive, but with all the turtles you have to grind, do you really want to have to also go after the trolls in Gankathorn Vale or The Hinterlands?


So why do these quests?
1. If you’re going to specialize in Tribal then you have to do them because you need to complete Master of the Wild Leather. After that you can talk to Caryssia Moonhunter for the Tribal Leatherworking quest. (You have to be lvl. 40 to get it, by the way.)
2. You gain patterns that you can get nowhere else.
3. You can level your LW and your XP at the same time: with all that grinding and completing the quests, you can’t help but gain XP.
4. You’re a completist and want every pattern that you can get.

Well, hopefully this little guide clarifies the process and gives you some preparation for the insane amounts of mats you will have to gather to complete it. Happy crafting!