Nightbane R.I.P.


Well, that was a tough one. We went in on Friday night and made five unsuccessful attempts. Last night, we did it in three or four (not sure, they start blurring together).

Handling the transitions from flight to ground phases is really key to this fight: you’ve got to stop healing at least 10 seconds before he lands so that the tank can get aggro. We also had our paladin healer stand on the other side of Nightbane which helped too; he was able to focus completely on the melee and tank, and if they got feared that way, he was able to heal them.

In addition, we have cleared all of Kara except for Netherspite, so a nice way to end the year for The Olde Guard.

And in other good news, with the much-needed help of my guildies on the primals, I finally made this:

Windhawk Hauberk.

Have a Happy New Year!


Another Night in Kara

So the first time wasn’t a fluke: We downed Aran again last night in two tries. The first time we wiped because of bad timing: The flame wreath came up right after our mage blinked out of Aran’s slow and so he set it off. And it’s certainly a good thing to have four druids in the group because battle rezzes and Tranquility are a huge help in this fight. And with that fight, I hit Exalted with The Violet Eye.

As well, earlier yesterday I broke down and spent the 35 badges I had saved on these:
Gargon’s Bracers Peaceful Slumber

Put a Royal Nightseye on them and as soon as I can corner one of the guild enchanters I’ll get the +30 Healing enchant as well.

I had originally been saving up for Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons and so was hesitant to set myself back to nothing with buying these bracers. But after doing some research, I discovered that these are the best bracers that I will be able to obtain (see here). I’m not heading to SSC (Grove-Bands of Remulos) or Hyjal (Rejuvenating Bracers) and the crafted BOE (Bracers of Renew Life) has neither Spirit or a socket.

The Progress of Progression

It’s really fascinating to me, as a neophyte raider, to see how our guild’s progression is evolving. When I reached 70 and began healing in Karazhan, The Curator was our brick wall, the thorn in our side. Now he’s on farm. But not only that: the speed with which we can progress through Kara becomes quicker each week. There was a time when just getting through Moroes was considered a good night. Now, Moroes is a small hurdle to get over.

One modification to our Kara strategy that has helped us is to focus solely on the mandatory bosses first, then come back and clean up the optional ones. For example, last night we did Moroes, Opera, and Curator. No, we’re not clearing Kara in 2 hours yet, but we’re certainly getting faster; and that’s a good feeling.

Illhoof Down

Just a quickie here: On our second guild try, my first, we downed Illhoof Monday night and with 8 players at the end. I was sacrificed when Illhoof was around 25%, then our shammy got hit with the next sacrifice. Got Cord of Nature’s Sustenance. The tough part for healing this fight is keeping the sacrifice victim alive: and I don’t have a good strategy for that. Probably takes more practice and alertness. I wasn’t the designated sacrifice healer (and be sure to have one) but I would throw an instant HOT to help out, but usually in vain since the person was dead before I could even get an instant on him. Luckily, we had three druids and so our combat rezzes were very helpful in this fight.

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Curator is Down


It’s funny how something that had been so frustrating and seemingly difficult suddenly becomes easy as pie. We went in against the Curator last night and brought him down without any deaths. The key seems to be your raid’s formation: keep casters and healers spread out in a semicircle at the end of the hall. You need about 10 yards between each other to avoid transferring the flares’ arc damage. Also, this helps melee chase down the flares easier since they’re in a more centralized space. Take down the 10th flare before turning to the Curator in his evocation phases: as tempting as it may be to jump on him, that 10th flare must be out of the picture. It’s not a hard fight once you figure it out. And (drumroll please) Gillir got his Tier 4 gloves, very lucky indeed: Handguards of Malorne. And another bonus, Gift of the Wild III dropped from a trash mob.

Yet Another Kara Post

We got the Big Bad Wolf for the first time and he was a tough fight. On a third try we got him down with only about 6 folks still alive; in fact, I actually died at the beginning when I was Little-Red-Riding-Hooded and promptly squashed. Yet, my bad luck turned into good fortune when these dropped: Earthsoul Leggings.

One thing to remember about him is that he will briefly target whom he is about to debuff, then turn back to his previous target, then transform the victim. Pitbull makes it easy to spot the next target because the unit frame will turn red. In fact, I spent my dead time calling out targets over TS (had to be of some use, ya know).

The Curator is giving us a heck of a time. I’ve read all the strategy guides I can, but any words of advice are welcome.

Kara Continues

Went back into Kara for my second time and we downed the Maiden. The key to that fight, as Karthis comments on my previous post, is that you have to limit the melee fighters or rotate them out, because the Maiden puts a beating on those guys. Last night, we had all ranged DPS except for the tank. Plus, as a healer you have to keep all your attention on the tank so that when her Repentance hits, the tank has enough health to live through it. As a resto druid, your HOTs will be especially useful here, so be sure the tank is loaded with them. Having a boss mod like CTRaidAssist or BigWigs, can help you know when she’s ready to cast Repentance, although it can’t tell you exactly when she will cast it. And boy, that 12 seconds of Repentance is a looooong 12 seconds, especially when you see the tank’s health dropping and all you can do is wait and hope the tank survives.

We then went on to the Opera and got Romulo and Julianne, which was a piece of cake (although this event seems to be the one the guild always gets). You can read the WoWWiki link above for strategy, but it’s not a hard fight. Keep the tanks up while they keep the two lovers apart and all will be well.

We called it a night after the Opera. Up next: The Curator.

P.S. I have some screenshots I’ll post later.
Screenshots after the jump…

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