Teamwork; Or, Why I Play

I’ve been 70 for going on three months now and in that time I’ve been able to run exclusively with my guild, mostly in Kara, along with the occasional five-man. One thing I’ve begun noticing lately is how there is a definite chemistry between the other regular players and myself. It’s somewhat difficult to put into words, but when you’re healing alongside the regular healers, healing the usual tanks and DPS, conversing with the usual gang on TS, it all “feels right.”

It’s a good feeling, obviously; like you are truly a part of something bigger than yourself, working in concert to achieve a definite synergy and synchronicity. It’s a fulfilling experience to go into a boss encounter that you know, and be able to trust each member of the group to play his role, to be where he needs to be, and participate fluidly in the choreography of the fight. What’s even more exciting is the learning experience as a group. You begin working on a new encounter and everyone runs around like chickens with their heads cut off. But then, something awesome happens: the fight begins to “click.” And then with practice and experience, the group works together, each of us fulfilling our individual responsibilities in service to the communal whole, merging ourselves into one organism that is able to overcome tough challenges and achieve goals that no one player could do alone.

And so when I think about why I play, it’s not the gear or gold or rep that keeps pulling me back (although I do enjoy those aspects). More important than the material gains of the game is the experience of teamwork and camaraderie. This is what keeps me returning to the game night after night. Certainly, this experience is not exclusive to World of Warcraft; it’s an age-old human experience, part of our basic nature to live and play in social groups.


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