Of Ogres and Shadow

King of Ogres

I hope everyone had a nice and happy Christmas yesterday. My four-year old made quite the haul between Santa and family. As for WoW, as you can see above, I finally completed the Ogri-la opening quests. My priest hit 40 and on top of getting her mount (woohoo, no more running!) she got Shadowform, which also makes for quicker questing. And on that point, let me say that Dustwallow Marsh is definitely the place to go when you get to around 40: Blizzard has applied the quest design of Burning Crusade to this area with quests grouped close together, many of which you can do simultaneously. I was able to do almost a complete level (from 11% to ding) with only about 30% rested XP within two hours last night.

Here are some pictures:






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